We caught wind that the reason Hanover’s streets seem to have a little more trash along them than normal is because the people that usually do trash pickup are limited due to COVID. So yes of course we want to help keep Hanover the beautiful county it is! We are holding a trash pick-up on 360 in the heart of Mechanicsville. The plan is to have everyone meet at Hanover Plaza at 2:00 on Sunday Feb 21st. The more people we have show up, the bigger area we can cover. Your help will be greatly appreciated. If you can help just let us know by commenting on this post and we will look forward to seeing you there.We welcome anyone to participate. You can even use this post to organize the same community service event at different location in Hanover. It would be awesome to see several posts of our community loving Patriots doing what they can to help all across Hanover. I look forward to seeing you all, thanks and stay safe!!

Author: delta