About Us

Hanover Patriots is a community service organization based in Hanover County, Virginia. Our primary focus is to serve the community in an effort to ensure Hanover remains the greatest place to live in the state! We accomplish this by teaming up with amazing Americans like yourself and local businesses who support the same hard work and effort!

Our organization was born out of necessity in June of 2020 after our entire nation was rocked to its core with civil unrest and uncertainty. Concerned residents of the county from all walks of life banded together in an effort to keep a watchful eye on our neighborhoods, schools, and local businesses by providing an extra set of eyes and ears that acted as an early warning system to interface with local law encorcement and keep our community safe! What we were most encouraged by was the genuine compassion that all of the people we worked with had for this amazing community! We knew that the violence in the streets was temporary and were thankful for that, but how could we turn these new friendships into something that would last and could continue serving Hanover? So we evolved…

We were coming out of what was then a worldwide pandemic and more than ever communities all over the country were struggling. We wanted to help in any and every way possible. Our Patriot Response Team went into overdrive! We sold tshirts to raise money in order to provide sneeze guards for Gandy and Mechanicsville elementary and safely get our kids back to school, organized community events like the Trunk or Treat and Breakfast with Santa to give our children hope and a much needed smile on their faces, held food drives, created disaster response teams after epic wind storms rocked the state, organized community road cleanups, and so much more! This was just the beginning!

Today the Hanover Patriots have become a beacon of hope and a model for community building and sustainment wherever you may live! We encourage members to regularly attend Board of Supervisors meetings so that we all have a say in how the county grows. Our HANPAT School Partnership team ensures that they keep a finger on the pulse of our childrens education because after all; our children are our future! HANPAT School Partnership also works hard to provide a scholarship for two lucky graduating seniors each year. One for college, and the other for trade school!

How can you become a Hanover Patriot? It just so happens always in need of volunteers for our continued and growing projects around the county! The projects include but are not limited to:

– Community events (Hanover Food Truck Festival, Trunk or Treat, Easter EGGstravaganza, Christmas Caravan, Breakfast with Santa, Etc)
– Community road cleanup
– Disaster response. We organize teams to go out and remove trees in roadways and help elderly or less able citizens get the supplies and help they need after any natural disaster or major storm.
– HANPAT School Partnership.
– Attend Board of Supervisors meetings. This is one of the most important steps to keeping Hanover great!
– Fundraisers (Brunswick Stew sales, Golf Tournament, concerts, festivals, etc)
– Community classes (First Aid, Amateur Radio through Hanover Radio Alliance, Firearms safety, etc)

We love you all!

~ Hanover Patriots